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Overclock: AMD Dual-Core Opteron 165 1800MHz @ 3398MHz (188.78%)


Overclocked frequence:
3398MHz - 188.78%
Original frequence:
1800MHz - 100.00%

Overclock specs

Overclocked: Original:
Overclock frequence: 3398 MHz 1800 MHz
MP Frequence * MP: 378 * 9
Voltage: 1.5 V 1.30-1.35 V

System specs

Cooling: Swiftech Storm, Leasing Ultra, Heatreformer Tripple-X, 2x Mips Chi..
Cooling category: Water cooling
Cool'n'quiet: No
Idle/load temperature: 28 °C / 47 °C
Motherboard: DFI Lanparty CFX 3200
Bios version: 1.02 (one without bugs%
Chip(set): ATi RD480

Validation - beta Help

Level: 1. POST/OS
CPU-Z validation link:

Overclock extra (optional)

Futuremark link:
Extra link:
Notes: Headspeaker removed! Mod bios installed otherwise The CFX wont boot with fsb over 350... Liquid Metal pads used.. and CFX PWN passiv coolers changed to much stronger ones.. Radiator cooled with 3x Noiseblocker BlackSilent XL2 120mm fans temperature controlled.


Member: gotteshand

Processor specs ( LCBQE 0722 RPAW - Green - CD )

Processor: AMD Dual-Core Opteron 165 (Dual-core)
Processor tray (pib): OSA165DAA6CD (OSA165CDBOX)
Processor stepping: E6
Stepping: LCBQE 0722 RPAW - Green - CD
Processor frequence: 1800 MHz
Socket: socket 939
Memory controller: dual ddr 400 MHz
HTT speed (version): 1000 MHz (1.0)
L1 / L2 cache memory: 128 KB / 1024 KB
Operating mode: 32/64
Voltage: 1.30-1.35 V
Thermal power: 110 W
Max temp: 65 °C
Processor tech: 90 nm, SOI (silicon-on-insulator)
Die-size, total transistors: 199 mm², 233.2 million
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