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Insert stepping

Insert a stepping which belongs to a processor.

How does it work?

Each processor has a certain tray via which you know the exact type. Further more each type of processor has its own properties, the stepping.
We devide these in a group of five:
  • Core
  • Week
  • Stepping
  • Color (of PCB)
  • Revision
This might not be very clear. For all those who still wonder check the image right (clickable).

Engineering sample

Most inserts will not be engineering samples. An engineering sample, is a sample which has been directly delivered by AMD. Mostly large companies or large website get engineering samples for reviews or testing. If you bought your AMD Processor in a store, or on the web do not check the engineering sample box.

Processor tray (Step 1/3)

Tray: Your tray is not listed?

Stepping (Step 2/3)

  Choose or add new Example
Core: CAAMC 0343 WPMW
Week: CAAMC 0343 WPMW
(Sub) Stepping: CAAMC 0343 WPMW
Color: PCB Color (green/brown)
Revision: ADA3200AEP5AP
Engineering sample: If you bought your processor in a regular store, or on the web do not check this box.


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