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Click here to tell a fellow AMD Geek about this website. is your AMD overclock source. is a next generation overclock database offering advanced statistics and features combining overclocks with steppings and processors.
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Mission has set a goal to provide you with as much processor, overclocks and stepping statistics as possible. shares a processor database, overclock database and stepping database.
These three can be used separately but through the same database they are also linked together for testing the theoretic specifications on the largest scale possible: the end users. is a non-commercial, motivated team. The website is offered for your and our fun.

Ideas, feedback

If you have ideas, feedback or just want to tell something you can use the feedback button on the top of this page. We respect your opinions and will always try to optimize this website for that what our visitiors are looking for.

However within this proces we have to account for thousands of people who are using this website, we won't always be able to satisfy personal whishes.

History orginally started as Athlon64-OC DB which is short for AMD Athlon64 overclock database. Through the years this website gathered several hundreds steppings and overclocks. It put us in a unique position to give tweakers and overclockers advanced statistics.

This first website had several updates which improved the framework and introduced more and more functions. This however could not stop the fact that the framework based on ASP was becoming outdated. The size of the website caused the (already unstable) hoster to switch it off forcing us to grab back to our own server. Luckely we had backups of the database and development of the current website was already started.

The current website was build entirely from scratch with the experience from the first website resulting in an improved framework ready to take on growing demands. We are also hosted on a new professional platform securing speed and flexibility.


2003 AMD Athlon64 OC DB is launched. Moving site to
2004 updates 00011 to 00016 where launched giving the database more functionality and fixing bugs.
2005 Processor database updated, hosting shifting
4 February 2006 - Wingspread launched
July 2006 - Evolution Alpha
August 2006 - Evolution Beta
27 August 2006 - Evolution launched introducing serveral new (beta) services. At this point:
1 December 2006 - Evolution updated (new caching system), introducing Winter Contest 2006 / 2007


For questions use the feedback button on top of this page.
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